Count (C) or Non -Count (N)

#1. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- __Fish__ and chicken are good for people with high cholesterol.

#2. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- Some people who have every __pillow__ fluffed and in its proper place in their rooms never make an effort to organize their closets.

#3. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- Osteoporosis is the abnormal __loss__ of bone.

#4. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- His __childhood __was ordinary, if a little lonely.

#5. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- For her class Juanita created a gigantic collage that included old shoes, __silverware__, and clippings from newspapers.

#6. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- Shorter campaigns make voters more interested in __politics__

#7. Identify the types of nouns underlined in the sentences below Count (C) – Non – Count (N). – Ethan can operate his __camera__ with only one hand

#8. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- Randy installed a dashboard __fan__ that runs on the power from his car’s cigarette lighter.

#9. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- I didn’t have much __luggage__ – just two small bags.

#10. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- Vera’s __salsa__ was delicious and contained very few calories.

#11. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- __Clutter__ can make a room seem smaller

#12. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- After a long, lonely winter, the ugly __duckling__ emerged as a beautiful swan.

#13. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- Interesting baskets can be made of straw, __bark__ or roots

#14. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- Whipped __butter__ contains fewer calories per serving than ordinary butter.

#15. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- The __jacket__ is long enough to wear as a dress.

#16. Count (C) – Non – Count (N).- Customers are not in the mood to accept major changes in styles of __clothing__.



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