Ata Aöf İngilizceAta Aöf Yabancı DilAta-Aöf

Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -2

Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -2

#1. My friend Gökhan ---------- a pet dog.

Cevap : e) has

#2. When you called me, I ………. my homework.

Cevap : e) was doing

#3. We saw ---------- kangroos and elephants at the zoo.

Cevap : c) alot of

#4. Hayrettin ---------- a new mountain bike.

Cevap : d) has

#5. …. building is very old. They built it 3000 years ago.

Cevap : a) This

#6. There is ---------- traffic in İstanbul.

Cevap : d) much

#7. While I was studying, she ….. listening to music.

Cevap : a) was

#8. -------- you waiting for us?

Cevap : a) Are

#9. What …. he doing when you arrived home?

Cevap : d) was

#10. My family ---------- a nice house in Bursa.

Cevap : d) has got

#11. I didn’t get ---------- rest last night.

Cevap : b) any

#12. Emma ---------- lots of relatives.

Cevap : c) has got

#13. I am at home now and I ---------- breakfast.

Cevap : e) am having

#14. Joe and Frank ---------- a sister.

Cevap : c) have got

#15. While I was …….. TV, the phone rang.

Cevap : a) watching

#16. They are ---------- their uniforms.

Cevap : e) wearing

#17. There isn’t ---------- sugar and milk in my coffee.

Cevap : d) any

#18. I ---------- working at the moment.

Cevap : d) am not

#19. We ---------- enjoying our holiday here in Antalya so much.

Cevap : a) are

#20. The old man hasn’t got ---------- hat on his head.

Cevap : d) a




Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -2

Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -2

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Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -2

Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -2

Yabancı Dil 1

Ünite -2

1. Susan ——— (love) to play the piano.

a) love
b) loving
c) loved
d) is loving
e) loves

Cevap : e) loves

2. English people always ——— (drink) tea with milk.

a) drink
b) drinking
c) am drinking
d) are drinking
e) is drink

Cevap : a) drink

3. It usually ——— (snow) every day here.

a) snowing
b) snow
c) snows
d) is snow
e) is snowing

Cevap : c) snows

4. It ——— (smell) very delicious in the kitchen.

a) smell
b) being smell
c) are smelled
d) is smelled
e) smells

Cevap : e) smells

5. We generally ——— (sing) songs all together.

a) sing
b) are singing
c) san
d) is singing
e) sings

Cevap : a) sing

6. Nancy ——— (like) eating fruit and vegetables.

a) liking
b) like
c) likes
d) are like
e) liked

Cevap : c) likes

7. The girls in the classroom ——— (play) an active role in speaking English.

a) plays
b) play
c) playing
d) is play
e) played

Cevap : b) play

8. We ——— (spend) most of our time reading books.

a) are spending
b) spent
c) is spending
d) spend
e) spends

Cevap : d) spend

9. The doctor ——— (examine) patients with great care.

a) examining
b) examined
c) are examine
d) not examine
e) examines

Cevap : e) examines

10. Pilots ——— (earn) lots of Money.

a) earn
b) earning
c) earns
d) is earn
e) was earn

Cevap : a) earn

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