Ata Aöf İngilizceAta Aöf Yabancı DilAta-Aöf

Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -5

Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -5

#1. Two months ago, they ---------- in England.

Cevap : b) were

#2. I don’t have ---------- friends.

Cevap : a) a lot of

#3. How ---------- apples and oranges did you put in the box?

Cevap : e) many

#4. Pilots --------- (earn) lots of Money.

Cevap : a) earn

#5. Yesterday, I was ill and I ---------- to school.

Cevap : c) didn’t go

#6. There isn’t ---------- sugar and milk in my coffee.

Cevap : d) any

#7. The old man hasn’t got ---------- hat on his head.

Cevap : d) a

#8. I didn’t get ---------- rest last night.

Cevap : b) any

#9. Nancy --------- (like) eating fruit and vegetables.

Cevap : c) likes

#10. It --------- ( smell ) very delicious in the kitchen.

Cevap : e) smells

#11. There are ---------- musical instruments in my flat.

Cevap : d) many

#12. How ---------- milk do you drink in an average day?

Cevap : b) much

#13. We saw ---------- kangroos and elephants at the zoo.

Cevap : c) alot of

#14. There is ---------- traffic in İstanbul.

Cevap : d) much

#15. Last night, we ---------- at home.

Cevap : b) were

#16. English people always --------- (drink) tea with milk.

Cevap : a) drink

#17. I ---------- university 3 years ago.

Cevap : a) started

#18. The colour ---------- the car is red.

Cevap : b) of

#19. We --------- (spend) most of our time reading books.

Cevap : d) spend

#20. I’ve bought ---------- bottles of juice.

Cevap : a) some




Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -5

Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -5

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Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -5

Ata-Aöf Yabancı Dil -1 Vize Deneme Sınavı -5

Yabancı Dil 1

Ünite -5

1. I am ———- İskender kebap now.

a) eats
b) eating
c) not eat
d) eat
e) not eats

Cevap : b) eating

2. I am at home now and I ———- breakfast.

a) is have
b) am have
c) have
d) having
e) am having

Cevap : e) am having

3. My elder sister ———- studying French at Istanbul University.

a) are
b) is
c) does
d) do
e) not do

Cevap : b) is

4. ——– you waiting for us?

a) Are
b) Do
c) Am not
d) Does
e) Is

Cevap :
a) Are

5. What ———-? It looks awful.

a) are you eat
b) do you eating
c) are you eating
d) eat you
e) you eat

Cevap : c) are you eating

6. We ———- enjoying our holiday here in Antalya so much.

a) are
b) do
c) don’t
d) are do
e) is

Cevap : a) are

7. What ——— Sarp ———- right now?

a) is / do
b) are / doing
c) is / doing
d) do / do
e) do / is

Cevap : c) is / doing

8. I ———- working at the moment.

a) is not
b) are not
c) not am
d) am not
e) amn’t

Cevap : d) am not

9. Please do not disturb him. He ———-.

a) sleeping
b) sleep
c) does sleep
d) is sleeping
e) does sleeping

Cevap : d) is sleeping

10. They are ———- their uniforms.

a) wear not
b) wear
c) not wear
d) do not wear
e) wearing

Cevap : e) wearing

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