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İngilizce-4 (243) Sınav Soruları

İngilizce-4 (243) Sınav Soruları
1- Teenagers spend too much time on the internet. This affect them badly and ……

Cevap : Causes internet addiction

2- She didnt open the door cümlesinin edilgen hali hangisidir?

Cevap : The door wasn’t opened by her

3- My brother bought a new car…..

Cevap : Yesterday

4- Shop assistant: how will you pay madam?
Customer: …….

Cevap : In cash

5- Blair: …?
Carla: yes of course it’s my work and my and hobby.

Cevap : Are you interested in decoration

6- I am three years ….. Than my brother.

Cevap : Older

7- I wish I…. A neck pain.

Cevap : Didn’t have

8- People wear kimono in weddings or festivala. It is the ….. Of Japan.

Cevap : Traditional costume

9- Barry: the room is very hot.
Martha: you should……

Cevap : Open the window

10- Ramadan feast is….. By 1 million Muslims world wide every year.

Cevap : Visited

11- Julia: I’m going to rome tomorrow morning.
Helen: great í wish I…. Come with you. Too

Cevap : Had

12- To make an omelette , ….. Crack the eggs into a bowl.

Cevap : First.

13- If we don’t clean the seas from plastics ,……

Cevap : Fish will eat them and die

14- I ….. Travelling by plane to bus.

Cevap : Prefer

15- A bear is….. Than an elephant

Cevap : Smaller

16- If you eat a lot of fast food you will……

Cevap : Get fat

17- If I free time I … The world

Cevap : Would travel

18- The woman ….. Was wearing a long dress closed the door

Cevap : Who

19- Paris…. By so many people all over the world in every year

Cevap : Is visited

20- There are the…. Of an omelette.

Cevap : Ingredients

21- Hangi cümlede internetin dezavantajlarından bahsetmiştir?

Cevap : Students give up studying in order to play online games

22- We should …… To save our planet

Cevap : Use recycled materials

23- I prefer drinking coffee….tea

Cevap : Than

24- There will be …. If we cut down a lot of trees

Cevap : Deforestation

25- January is….. Than July in turkey

Cevap : Colder

26- Mike wishes he….. More money so he could buy a car.

Cevap : Had

27- The book ….. I bought last week was lost.

Cevap : Which

28- The home was …. By Charles

Cevap : Cleaned

29- People…… Have a healthy lifestyle live longer.

Cevap : Who

30- “Universal” means ……

Cevap : Global

31- Shop assistant: good morning !….?
Hailey: I’m looking for a sweater.

Cevap : Can I help you

32- Customer: hello I am looking for a dress.
Shop assistant: what colour do you want?
Customer: ……

Cevap : Blue

33- Alex is responsible for….. The kitchen.

Cevap : Cooking

34- Alan: I……..
Adam: you should go on a diet.

Cevap : Want to lose weight

35- Japanese clothes are…… Than Türkish clothes for me.

Cevap : More colorful

36- “Prowess” means……

Cevap : Great ability or skill

37- If I….. Spanish I could live in Spain

Cevap : Knew

38- If I …… Healthy, I would go to work.

Cevap : We’re

39- William doesn’t like spending time online he likes……

Cevap : Going to the library

40- People in Taiwan …… Lantern festival every 23rd February

Cevap : Celebrate

41- The new girl who came to the class…… Kindly to her friends.

Cevap : Spoke

42- Meghan: how do you usually cook fish?
Nicholas: I……

Cevap : Usually fry it

43- Thomas was born ….. The 18th July.

Cevap : On

44- Olive oil …. A lot in Turkish cuisine

Cevap : Uses

45- We can …… To save the planet

Cevap : Reduce our waste

46- I wouldn’t go to work by bus if I….. A car.

Cevap : Had

47- Interviewer: ……?
Mustafa: it is Antalya international film festival.

Cevap : What is the name of the festival

48- If we a clean and healthy world , we……

Cevap : Should use recycled materials

49- August is …… Than January in turkey.

Cevap : Hotter

50- If Michael had 10 pounds more, he ……. Himself a new jumper.

Cevap : Would buy

51- The weather is rainy. You should …….

Cevap : Take your umbrella

52- Oğuz Atay …… Is a Turkish writer wrote tutunamayanlar.

Cevap : Who

53- Nicholas: my father says I must take the rubbish out and tidy up my room every day. I think this is not fair!
Samuel : I think he is right. You should help your family with ……

Cevap : Household chores

54- One of the negative effects of technological devices is that they……

Cevap : Make children more aggressive with violent games

55- I …….. I could fly.

Cevap : Wish

56- The traditional cloth kente is……. For special occasions in Ghana.

Cevap : Worn

57- Daniel is…… Student in class. He’s 190 cm.

Cevap : The tallest

58- If you don’t tidy your room, you …..

Cevap : Can’t go to the party

59- We should use less electricity if we want to …..

Cevap : Save the world

60- Samuel prefers white sugar …… Brown sugar.

Cevap : To

61- He reads a book cümlesinin edilgen hali hangisidir?

Cevap : A book is read by him

62- Spicy dishes are ….. In Indian cuisine.

Cevap : Cooked

63- I……. To the party with you if I had more free time.

Cevap : Would come

64- Shop assistant: how does the dress…..
Amanda: a bit large I want a smaller size, please.

Cevap : Fit.

İngilizce-4 (243)

İngilizce-4 (243) Sınav Soruları

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İngilizce-4 (243) Sınav Soruları



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