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#1. -Gender studies is a multifaceted field of inquiry into social structures and social relations that has important —- for the study of violence, peace and conflict.

#2. -Nano-tech products can potentially save lives as well as give us hundreds of new conveniences from enhanced drug delivery and disease —- to fabric that will not stain

#3. -The thin, invisible layer of gas surrounding the Earth, which is called the atmosphere, shields us from the vacuum of space and protects us from —- solar radiation

#4. -Architectural analysis is not only a —- academic pursuit, done for its own sake, but it can be informative and entertaining as well.

#5. -Childcare is a broad term that —- services which protect the health, safety, and well-being of children who require custodial care by adults other than their own parents for a temporary period of time

#6. – Taking a break, and distracting your mind for a while, not only gives you the spare time to be creative, but it can also give your brain the space it needs to —- creative solutions to problems you have been struggling with

#7. – 7-16: For these questions, choose the best word(s) or expression(s) to fill the space(s). – A number of studies have concluded that a given level of carbon dioxide in the

#8. – Anyone who —- unusual reactions to antihistamines (medicines that relieve or prevent the symptoms of some kinds of allergy) in the recent past —- his or her physician know before taking the drugs again

#9. – By 2.5 million years ago, when they began —- stone tools, early humans had understood that they —- the natural world to their own advantage.

#10. -Dramatists and scriptwriters could place their characters —- the centre of a terrifying human conflict, and may allow us to watch these characters suffer the pains of avoiding a collision —- the conflict.

YDS ingilizce 2018
YDS ingilizce 2018



YDS ingilizce 2018 -Soruların Kitapçığı(pdf)

YDS ingilizce 2018




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